Monday, 11 March 2019

Part One Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost review.

Part One Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost review.

Oh hello! It’s me your local mushroom, I have returned to my now pretty much-forgotten blog which makes me so very sad, but honestly in the past two months there hasn’t been any spare time to write anything for myself which makes me so sad, because all I ever I want to do is write and make people listen to my insignificant opinions on everything and anything.

But finally I have found some time in my mad hectic life to finally write something for myself, between working pretty much full time, doing a degree and trying to have some kind of social life and semi-normal sleeping pattern, I haven’t had a spare second to write anything, that is however until the wonder that is Foals new album came out three days ago, and now I’m about to make you read this delightful little waffle on this beautiful album that I haven’t stopped listening to for the past three days, and to think this is the only first half of the album, boys we are in for a treat.

Okay so, I feel that anyone that is friends with me or remotely knows me, knows that Foals are my boys, they have been one of my favourite bands since I jumped on the holy fire, my number band wagon and I haven’t gotten off since, that summer I was lucky enough to see them for the first time at reading and since that day when I witnessed Olympic Airways live for the first time, I have not looked back, so when they finally announced that their new albums, that’s right not one but TWO ALBUMS were coming out this year, to say I had a minor breakdown was a bit of an understatement.

To think that the wonder that is What Went Down came out four years ago this summer, you can imagine how happy I was when exits was released and the long wait for my boys to return was over. If I’m honest where exits was first released I wasn’t fully convinced by it, it was a bit meh, I mean sure it stuck in my head and I was happy that we finally had, some new foals music but it didn’t really strike something within me like they work usually does, and then all of a sudden Sunday was released, I didn’t listen to at first just because I didn’t want to be a bit disappointed like I was with exits, but as me and my best friend sat in her bedroom, hungover on a Sunday, as I pressed play it was like one of them moments in a cringe teen movie, when you see the main character listen to a song that will shape their life, or at least the next couple of months of their life, and as we sat there and listened to it for the first time, my heart dropped. I don’t know what it was it might me be the dreamy intro to the last minute or so that sounds a like a mixture of a dreamy version of born slippy and massive attack.  But  I knew as soon as the song finished that this album wasn’t going to disappoint and my love for them certainly wasn’t going to falter anytime soon.

I can honestly say from start to end the album just flows, the transitions are spot on, especially from in degrees to syrups, and the transition from Surf, Pt.1 to Sunday, it flows so beautifully and before you know it's been an hour and you’ve listened to it, of course  just like any album there’s songs that stick out more than others, in degrees, of course, being one of them, I can't even begin to explain how much I adore this song, from the first time I heard it, I had to pause it and start again at least four times because I was so shocked by it, I don’t know what it is but something within that song really gets to me and sticks with me, it might be to do with the changeup near the end of the song, and the way it builds up, it really reminds me of antidotes foals, which we all know is a beautiful kind of foals. But the song with the most incredible change up and transition into something a bit heavier is Syrups. There’s something in this song reminds me of the build-up in Two Steps Twice and Olympic Airways, which are two of my favourite songs maybe ever, and I can just see me this summer, in a field absolutely losing my shit to this song, which I think is what I’m most excited for.

I truthfully don’t think an album has hit me this hard since I listened to assume form nearly two months ago, of course both albums hit me in different ways for different reasons, but they both hit me in the same capacity of “holy shit I need to lie down for a while”. This album really reminds me of antidotes foals as well, it feels like they’ve said fuck it lets go back to our roots a little bit but expand it and mix it with our newer sound as well, which is somehow created this beautiful baby. You can for sure hear the influence of antidotes in Café D’Athens which is, of course, a banger, maybe one of the weaker tracks on the album but still for sure a banger.

From the eerily opening of Moonlight to the apologetically sad closing of I’m done with the world and it’s done with me, this album has truly reinstated my love for this band and the pure genius that is the Greek god Yannis Philippakis, and all I can say is the next part of this album is truly going to give me a heart attack, and I’m pretty sure I will faint within the first two songs when I see them again finally this summer, after nearly four years.


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Sunday, 6 January 2019

The curse of never forgetting.

The start of the year is always a weird and emotional one, no matter how many times I tell myself that I won’t have some sort of melodramatic related breakdown, I always end up having one, and the start of this year has been no exception. It’s currently the 6th of January and I’m already experiencing said melodramatic meltdown.

The thing is I don’t have any idea why I’m having this meltdown so early in the year, it hasn’t even been 2019 for a week, and yet I’m already giving up on my whole focus on being positive and happier in yourself bullshit, I told myself at five to midnight six days ago, but must of admit six days is pretty solid for me, so well done libs I guess. Sure I’ve got a couple of ideas as to why I’m having this very teenage angst meltdown, that you only see in indie teenage romantic comedies for reference I feel very Palo Alto mixed with The Breakfast Club. But these feelings and thoughts are just reoccurring feelings that I’ve told myself aren’t a thing anymore, that they’ve gone, they left when I spent a whole Saturday sulking listening to Layurn Hill, that those feelings had gone, disappeared and that my heart had badly patched itself back together, that it was now ready for someone to break it apart again.

But of course in classic libs style, that isn’t the truth at all, my head and my heart hasn’t mended itself, it hasn’t forgotten in the slightest and its decided that with a new year old feelings are not forgotten, they’re still their lurking waiting for me to remember something that I tell myself I don’t want to remember. So of course again in classic libs style she’s going to try her hardest to push these feelings down into the deepest part of herself and try her best to distract herself until something becomes way too much to handle and I have enough of these odd meltdown’s that aren’t really meltdown’s and spends hours trying to convince herself that its definitely not that thing, you know it is and it is in fact that thing you keep pretending its not.

There’s a number of things that have lead me to this lovely little six to nine hour meltdown, one being a book that I’ve put off reading for a solid six months because I knew it was going to in the nicest possible way fuck me up real good, in the sense of its way too relatable for my liking and in the other sense that its going to lead me to some kind of writers breakdown, because I know I’m probably never going to write anything half as good as said book, and really I should just give up because there’s no point. The book in question is everything I know about love by Dolly Alderton.

Now if the title wasn’t a red flag for me, then the contents is definitely a big old red flag, like I said before I’ve put off reading this book for the longest time its been sat on my desk starting at me, telling me to read it, so I thought with it being a new year that I was finally ready to read it, that those feelings I had was gone non existent, gone in space, disappeared forever, finito, au revoir, thank u next. But alas I’m not even a 100 pages into the book and I’m having this wonderful little meltdown, I’ve always loved Dolly’s writing probably because it reminds me of my life, some things that she talks about are so similar to the things that have happened to me that it’s just that  little bit creepy. The second thing that’s probably brought on this delightful little meltdown is my wonderfully vivid and stubborn mind that refuses to forget anything good or bad, because I have the curse of forgetting.

What I’m calling the curse of forgetting is just basically me remembering pretty much everything that’s ever happened to me, good or bad, it’s that thing when you think everything is going well, your doing okay and then suddenly that wave of nausea and pranging in your chest then your hit with that memory that you wasn’t even aware you still kept in your head, it shocks you so much that you have to remain in the fetal position reeling about this memory and any other memory you can conjure up, to keep that nausea and stabbing pain around. An example of this would be me last night, after talking to someone for a solid nearly four months and blowing said person off every time they asked if I wanted to go on a “date” using quotations because we all know that translates into dick appointment, I told myself that if they asked once more that I wouldn’t come up with some awful excuse or just blank them completely then use the classic “sorry didn’t see your message”, no because this time I told myself that I would go because one your need for attention is getting extreme and this person doesn’t seem that bad and two this wont go anywhere probably ever which is what you need because despite not wanting to be alone anymore, you need to be because three bad relationships in a row will fuck up a person kind of a lot.

Despite telling myself all these things for a good four hours, and waiting for the inevitably “wanna do something tonight?” text when the said text finally arrived did I message back and say yeah sounds good?” did I fuck. Instead I had a freak out texting four people telling about said freak out, then blanked all messages and assumed the fetal position, talked myself out of it then got so annoyed at myself that I went to bed at half eleven ON A SATURDAY NIGHT I'M TWENTY NOT 56.

Listen my mind gets to the best of me the majority of times I set out to do something, I’m my world’s worse enemy in pretty much anything I do, the self doubt and self loathing is lurking constantly, so I’m used to talking myself out of anything when I put my mind to it, so this comes as no surprise but the surprise is that these shitty feelings and memories that at the time I told myself to cherish, now I want them gone because life sadly isn’t like all of them films that I watch, Hugh grant wont come after me on his wedding day, tell me he’s made some huge mistake in the pouring rain, I wont say some cheesy line about how I didn’t notice it was raining when clearly I did because its pissing down and I’m cold. These films have given me false hope for as long as I can remember, they influenced me in ways someone who is so easily influenced by anything shouldn’t be influenced by, because I tell myself and others on countless occasions, that I don’t believe in this sort of thing and I’m not a hopeless pathetic romantic that wants the ending of Notting Hill or Bridget Jones to happen to her, but I do, I always have, mix that with the curse of never forgetting and your truly fucked.

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Thursday, 20 December 2018

Libs albums of the year

Lib’s albums of the year.

Somehow I blinked in July and suddenly its now December, Christmas is only 5 days away, and I still haven’t brought any presents nor thought about it, nice to know a another year has gone by but I’m still on brand! However I have watched the Gavin and Stacey Christmas special at least five times in the past week, so I mean that’s the only thing that matters.

But alas another year has flown by and I’m writing yet another album of the year review, expect this one will actually make it up before the year finishes with any luck. To say that this year hasn’t been a roller coaster of emotions and realizations would be an understatement, this year has been the most challenging for my mental health in a VERY long time but its also been one of the best years in a very long time, I’ve done and seen some thongs I thought I would never do, and I met some of the most incredible people that I am beyond thankful for putting up with me and my shite because I honestly don’t know how people deal with me on a daily basis, because I can barely deal with myself half the time. This year has also been for me one of the best years for music, but also one of the saddest, basically this is everyone’s warning that I’m going to write a BIG old piece on the wonder that is Mac Miller, because it’s been three months and I’m still not over nor have I accepted that he isn’t here anymore.

So here it is my albums of the year that took me way too long to pick and aren’t in any particular order because that would of taken another two weeks to pick so enjoy my long old ramble about some of the true goats of music.

Of course this album would be in my list, because who can deny how amazing this album is? We knew it was going to be good when they released the three tracks beforehand, and the performance of Tonya on Jimmy Fallon. Its one of them albums that gets better every time you listen to it, or you find new things that you never notice before. At first I was kind of disappointed by this album it’s nothing like the saturation trilogy, not forgetting that Ameer that was no longer a member, I thought that it would be noticeable that he was no longer a member, because despite how much of a piece of shit he turned out to be, you cant deny his verses were incredible but after maybe the first four listens it was like he never was apart of Brockhampton in the first place. I was worried that it wouldn’t be like past albums, that the ridiculous amount of love them wouldn’t be there anymore but alas it is nothing like past albums but in the most incredible way and I still love them more than anything, how can you not adore this album when you put an Cam’ron interview as a interlude? Not forgetting the surprise Jaden vocals on New Orleans that they never mentioned. I would talk about San Macros but I can’t talk or think about that song without feeling an array of emotions. What surprised me the most on this album was Dom and Joba’s verses especially on Berlin and J’ouvert which let’s face it is hands down one of the best verses I’ve maybe ever heard. Dom has never really stuck out to me on past albums but on this one he really stuck out to me, especially on songs like honey and weight.
PERSONAL FAVOURITES: I mean in a way all of them are my favourites but the top five are Tonya, Honey, Berlin, Tape and Fabric.                

I’m currently writing this the two days after seeing the queen that is Lily Allen at the roundhouse, so I’m going to be massively bias with my opinion about how great of an album this is, but whether I went to see her perform or not, this album would of made the list, just helps that I finally got to see my queen after about eight years. I wasn’t going to say it but I’m gonna go there, this is without a doubt Lily’s best work, I didn’t have high hopes for this album, sure I liked the singles she put out and her new style, but there’s always a couple of songs on past albums that I’ve hated or skipped, but I can say that there’s not one song on this album that doesn’t make me feel at least something. Lily has always been known for speaking her mind and not hiding anything from the media, she’s one of the only remaining artists that isn’t afraid to talk about controversial topics, or afraid to speak her mind. When we hear the term “no shame” it’s always doused in negative connotations but this album really switches that term around, the media have always said that she has no shame, and this album proves that in a positive light, and that’s why she’s always been one of my favourite people, she’s not afraid to be herself in a media driven world that is obsessed with being someone you aren’t.

PERSONAL FAVOURITES: Come on then, Three, What you waiting for? Waste and Apples.

Mac Miller: Swimming: I mean where do even start when it comes to Mac? I say this a lot about artists that I like but this album it truly is a work of art, in fact the past two albums of his were masterpieces, how can you make a masterpiece like The Divine Feminine and then not even two years later come out with this? It’s hard not to talk about Mac and his work without talking about how he’s no sadly longer here. Mac has been an artist that has been in the background of my life since I was fourteen years old and someone played me Frick Park Market I knew he was talented but he wasn’t until I heard The Divine Feminine that I knew he was in fact a big old goat. I mean where do I even start with swimming? It’s everything I love about hip hop and Mac himself within 58 minutes. I’m annoyed at myself for two reasons, number one being that I was lucky enough to see Mac last year at Lovebox and I left his set early to either go see Sampha or Solange so I didn’t appreciate his set or the fact he brought Anderson. Paak on stage with him, and two being that I didn’t really listen or care about Swimming until it was too late. From the moment that I had found out that Mac had passed away I have listened to this album at least once a day, of course this album is a bitter sweet album it makes me appreciates the artist that he was and how talented he was and it breaks my heart that I’m never going to experience this album or any others ever again, if the ups and downs of this album weren’t enough to make me cry, the fact I will never get the chance to see him again, is enough to tip me off the edge. LARRY FISHERMAN FOREVER
PERSONAL FAVOURITES: Again I would say the whole album but top five have to be What’s the use? Jet Fuel, Ladders, Hurt Feelings and Small worlds.

Arctic monkeys: Tranquility Base Hotel And Casino: 2018 finally saw the return of my number one boys, after five years of not releasing anything they returned and reminded me of why they’ve been my favourite band since I was ten, now I’ve typed that I cant help but release just how said that is but ANYWAY. The number ones returned and it wasn’t as great as I thought it was going to be, I knew it wouldn’t be when the track list released and I thought half the songs on there were a joke, but after about six months of listening a lot and seeing them for the fourth time in September, it grew on me a lot and became one of my favourite albums of theirs I mean nothing is ever going to beat suck it and see or favourite worst nightmare, but its  up there, like the majority of the albums that I loved this year it reminded me why I love them so much, and why they waited five years to put out another album, because it sounds like it took five years to make. I would have liked it regardless if I got to see them or not but seeing them play these songs live definitely helped and made me appreciate it more, plus I mean you know it’s a good album when the first song and last song can make you feel about every emotion possible within a nice four minute window.
PERSONAL FAVOURITES: Star Treatment, One Point Perspective, Golden Trunks, BatPhone and The Ultracheese.

The 1975: A brief Inquiry into online relationships: Listen every time I think my thing for this band is over and I’m never going to like any of their new stuff, it happens. I get sucked back in, because annoyingly they just keep making better music that makes me feel like its four years ago, and I spend pretty much the whole year going to every gig of these possible, and you bet your ass I’m going to spend next year doing the same, because this album is just, I actually have no words for it, which is good because you know meant to be reviewing it. Of course there’s songs that stick out more than others, we wont be talking about give yourself a try for any other reason than its just a little bit bad, but the rest of the album really doesn’t reflect that song, because the rest is just like I said I have no words for it, but in the past three weeks that its been out, I’ve gone through every mood whilst listening to it. I knew I would like it when I heard Sincerity is Scary because Jesus h Christ THAT IS A SONG. Just like No Shame, this is album really doesn’t shy away from topics that artists don’t really address anymore, its an album that shocked me but in the best way possible, plus after nearly five years its nice seeing how happy and close of a band they are and making albums that make me cry pretty much every other song.

PERSONAL FAVOUIRTES: Sincerity is Scary, Couldn’t be more in love, Love it if we made it, Inside your mind and Its not living (pretty sure this will change in about a month’s time.)

 Kali Uchis Isolation: I mean where do I ever start with this album or artist even? Kali has been one of my favourite’s since I first heard her sing on perfect with Tyler the creator about three years ago, again she’s one of those artists that have been in the background of my life for a while but it wasn’t until after the release of Tyler’s album Flowerboy that I really got into her, then seven or so months later she came out with this album, cut to me then listening to it obsessively for three months and being shook by her vocals EVERY SINGLE TIME, I'm convinced she’s some sort of angel because she’s definitely not real. We all knew it was going to be a good album when she released the two singles from the album, which both have two of my favourite artists on (Jorja Smith and Tyler.) She also worked with Steve Lacy a lot on the album so again you knew it was going to be good because that boy is some kind of genius. Isolation goes though a wide range of emotions and tells a lot of stories but the main theme always seems to be that it will be okay in the end and that Kali Uchis really is that bitch not that I ever doubted that before.
PERSONAL FAVOURITES: Feel like a fool, Gotta Get up, Tomorrow, Flight 22 and Killer.

 I could honestly so much more about six other albums that came out this year that I really liked or even love but by the time I finished talking about them no one would care and would probably be sick of my opinion, if they aren’t already so my honorable mentions this year go to Ariana Grande for Sweetener, The internet for Hive Mind, Jorja Smith for Lost And Found, Kanye West for Ye, Rejjie Snow for Dear Annie, Earl Sweatshirt for Some Rap Songs and Florence And The Machine for High As Hope.

Sunday, 21 October 2018

Is There Such A Thing As The “one”?

is there such a thing as the one,or am i being lied too?

well it’s happened again. I’m back on my Carrie Bradshaw bullshit once more,but without the whole living in new york and being effortless cool thing. 
Im back to spending the majority of my time depressed and exhausted,about the fact im going to end up as the newer version of Bridget Jones but again without the really nice flat in Borough Market. Basically i have to many thoughts and feelings to process anything properly, and im pretty sure the six people i know are sick to death of hearing, about my what im gonna call not “quite a middle aged crisis but it might as well be.” 
So enjoy whatever this is (basically me complaining about dying alone.)

I’m not going to lie I’m pretty sure everyone’s aware of the fact i am a drama queen and i take everything to extremes because this isn’t really that deep,but too me,this is it,this is the final straw,this is the end. I’ve spent the last not even two weeks overanalysing every little detail about my relationships,platonic and not so platonic,and every time i come back to the same question,is there really such a thing as the “one” or is it all just bullshit that we’re told constantly?

We spend the majority of our adult life’s looking and hoping that we find the “one” that it ends up becoming the only thing you care about (probably just me) you put all your focus and hope into finding this one person that’s meant to be your soulmate,but how can it just be one person? there’s 7 billion people in this world so how can there be just one person just for you? IT MAKES ZERO SENSE WHO IS THIS PERSON OR PERSONS.

So out of 7 billion people i truly felt that i had found the “one” like this was it,i wasn’t ever going to have to download Tinder for what feels like the hundredth time,i wasn’t going have to sift though the weirdos and the fuckboys,i had found the person,who didn’t live a million miles away and wasn’t a weirdo fuckboy. (PRAISE THE LORD) He wasn’t going to ask me to be in what i can only assume was a low budget porn film (it’s a long story) but of course it’s me and libs is real good at ruining good things, that she has because she’s a overthinking twat but we knew that already.

Despite spending the past two weeks a crying depressed drunk mess,who’s convinced herself she’s incapable of being in a relationship with anyone nor is she capable of being loved, and listening to A LOT of Frank Ocean,we have now reached stage four of libby’s break up ritual which is a little thing i like to call “Hugh Grant films are bullshit and I’m going to be single forever”. I mean all this consists of me is watching Notting hill at least three times a week, and crying but still it’s a must.

So why are we so obsessed with finding the “one” or more importantly why am i so obsessed with finding the one person that I’m meant to spend the rest of my life with? Which now thinking about is terrifying within itself. Someone has to spend the rest of their life with me? Jesus wept.

It seems even more prominent to me now that I’m not in a relationship the obsession of finding the “one” where do you even start? Do i now have to sift though a whole load of people until i find said one? Does this mean i have to date a hundred people to get to that one person? It just seems like a lot of effort and i don’t really have the time nor energy to do so,did i really believe that this person was the one and that this was it? Was i really in love as much as i day or think i was (i mean at this point I’m like 70% sure i was.)

This has basically been my thought process for  the past two weeks,with some crying and stress eating pasta as a little side. I mean no relationship without it’s problems and arguments. Otherwise everyone would be in a relationship,and when your both so similar aka stubborn it’s hard to keep things a float,I mean would i have preferred to work though it and stayed together?of course who wants to be alone,but I understand why no matter how much it hurts when i think about it,but i get it maybe you shouldn’t date someone who is literally the carbon copy of yourself,because the faults you find within yourself are found within that person too and then it’s all a bit too messy.

I think the two things I’m struggling with the most is accepting that this is it,it’s over we’re done,we’re no longer together,purely because i don’t want to accept and move on,i don’t want this too be it,because then it would be real and i would have to learn how to be without someone again and to be by myself. 

The second being that I’ve lost someone that i valued and still value more than anything,I’ve lost a relationship sure okay, but I’ve also lost a best friend someone who i would talk to about anything and everything (literally) and as much as i love my friends you know all six of them,i don’t really have that with anyone else and that’s what scares me. The fact I’ve now lost that and i don’t think I’m ever going to have it back again. 

I’m also now at that age that i can’t asked to date someone for a couple of months and then break up and find someone else again,it’s too much effort and heartache,i would rather be with someone and stay with them for a while,I’m not even talking like rest of my life I’m literally talking about a year to three years max,because I’m just tired and men just suck.

The only question i need explaining is what is it with people breaking up with me by text? SERIOUSLY WE ARE NOT 12 THIS WAS NOT A TWO DAY HOLDING HANDS JOB.

Saturday, 30 June 2018

High As Hope album review

There's not many words to explain the array of emotions that Florence Welch can make me feel, let alone somehow write a review for her new album, high As Hope, that came out on Friday,so this should definitely be an interesting one.
Florence Welch or better known as Florence and the machine have been a BIG old part of my life, since i first heard kiss with a fist, in possibly the most iconic film of all time (wild child) and from then on i have been utterly obsessed, and High As Hope just reminds me of why, I adore her as much as I do.

Not many artists can make me feel the things that Florence can make me feel, I mean nine times out of ten,her words get me right where I don't want them too, and I'm a big old sobbing mess,she is a true poet and wordsmith, any song of hers can make me pin point a certain point in my life, she makes me feel what she feels, she can make me feel nostalgic for things that haven't even happened yet, there's something about her that I've never been able to pinpoint about her, which is probably why two minutes into the new album I was already a mess.

  Not that I needed reminding but this album just redefines my absolute admiration and love for Florence, it reminds me of the first time that I listened to Lungs the whole way though and was so emotionally drained' that I couldn't listen to it for at least three months, I mean it was obvious when she released Hunger and i watched her performance, at the biggest weekend in Swansea, that this album would be one of her best, and that it would make me a big old emotional wreck,but then again she could sing a cover of twinkle twinkle little star, and it would make me sob, plus for the first time in a long time, there's not really one song on this album that i don't like, but I mean again Florence makes it impossible to not like any of her work.

Of course like any album there's songs that stick out to me more than others, but in every song there's a beat, or a lyric,or a verse that stick outs to me,and I have to stop and listen again, because how can one person make me feel so many things? Florence has always been amazing at being able to take her audience on a journey, with her music and you can really feel it with this album, but especially on tracks like Grace (my personal favourite) South London Forever,100 years and The End of Love. There's something about Grace that I haven't been able to pin point since I heard it, but it really hits me in places I did not want to be hit,for example these lyrics from the first verse proper got me "I'm sorry I ruined your birthday, guess I could go back to university, try and make my mother proud" HIT ME WHERE I SHOULD NOT BE HIT.

South London Forever makes me feel nostalgic for a time I wasn't even apart of, but i know i want to go back to holding hands with someone that i just met high on e, outside the joiners arm's. And here's something I thought i would never say but it makes me want to go back to when I was sixteen and i did all the things you aren't meant to be doing, it makes me want to relive the best and worst time of my life,it makes me nostalgic for a time i thought I would never miss. Again with 100 years it makes me feel about a hundred things in four minutes, and the fact she uses the same metaphor that she uses in "Hardest of hearts" ( we don't care if it hurts when we're holding too hurt) again makes me a emotional wreck.

Just like every other love song that Florence has wrote the end of love has managed to break, and fix in my own heart in a small amount of time, the end of love has the same sentiment as hunger, which probably explains why when the first time i heard it, i had to stop for a minute and take it in, if the calming piano doesn't make you love this song then Florence's words,will definitely make you want to curl up into a ball and cry for a bit,just like with the way Grace makes me feel, The End Of Love, takes me too places that i haven't thought was possible for a long old time.

The last song on the album No Choir,again is a song that shouldn't make me feel the things that it does, but hey i am sat in my garden watching the sunset, feeling calmer than I've ever felt, even though everything that's happening around me suggests otherwise. The opening verse is enough to make anyone feel everything "and its hard to write about being happy cause the older i get, I find that happiness is an extremely uneventful subject". Which again is something that has hit me right in my heart, in fact everything she's saying in this track, relates to not only me but pretty much a whole generation ,its also impossible not to do an "oh fuck' when she sings "and if tomorrow its all over, at least we had it for a moment, oh darling things seem so unstable, but for a moment we were able to be still".

Overall the album has been out two days now and its taken me on a whirlwind of emotions already,which is what I kind of expected, because like I said before Florence has that odd affect on me,an effect where she can make me cry at any given moment, so god knows what I'm going to be like when I see her in November.

Let me know your thoughts in the album over on twitter @gothicpeachh 

Friday, 11 May 2018

Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino


Not really sure what to say about this album, but all I know is I've got some things to say, some of them good some of them not so good.

First of all let's just start off by saying, we all know i adore arctic monkeys,and have done for a ridiculous amount of years (13 years to be precise) and again I'm all for artists,progressing and exploring different paths,and getting better at what they do, like look at Kendrick for example as he ever made a bad album? The answer is no.
But honestly this album is just a bit dare i say it shit. I'm not denying that its definitely umm interesting and I'm intrigued none the less, but its just a bit shit,and I'm kind of really sad about it, wow never thought those words would come out of my mouth when talking about an arctic monkeys album, first time for everything hey?

Again let me just say, that the music is so incredible,and gives me a proper heavy melancholy summer vibe which I love, and of course the majority of the lyrics are also incredible,because like i have said on many occasions, Alex turner is one talented musician,(hitchhiking with a monogrammed suitcase,miles away from any half-useful imaginary highway FUCKING GENIUS LYRICS SERIOUSLY) but unlike all of their other albums, the music and the lyrics don't add up like they usually do,and I can't work out why, is it because it feels like a five year long follow up of AM?, you can't deny there are massive similarities,between the both of them, like as anyone noticed that the ultracheese is just a bit of a ballad version of number 1 party anthem?

Although not all my opinions on this album are negative or ones of disappointment,I have got some good things to say for once, I know can you believe it? Star Treatment is one of the best songs I've heard in a while, I mean sure it took me about five listens to get over the horrific fucking reverb on it,but it is one of the best songs to open an album with maybe ever, it sets the tone for the whole album,and sets your expectations so high for said album,hence why I was a tiny bit disappointed when I heard the next song One Point Perspective.

Again the music and the lyrics are there and are so so good, but they don't add up, and make something that it should be, in fact the whole album is like this nothing adds up like it should do, nothing really flows, but this might be deliberate, maybe this is what they've taken five years to come up with, can you tell I'm really annoyed that its been five years since they last album and this is what we have been given or?

Maybe I'm so disappointed with the album, because five years ago I was obsessed with them, and when i mean obsessed i mean OBSESSED, and i wanted this album to give me that feeling of being fifteen again and the only two things i cared about was Matt Helders and what park was me and all my mates going to drink cider in that day? (As I wrote this i realised i sounded like one of the members of dark fruits indie society fucking sick)

The two songs that stick out to me the most purely because they're the biggest load of dog shit I've heard since Kanye West rapped poopy-di scoop, scoop diddy whoop are American sports and Tranquillity Base Hotel & Casino, but then again Golden Trunks is questionable as well. For the first time in what feels like well maybe ever, when listening to this album I'm waiting for the good stuff to happen, and that's what disappoints me the most with this album, I've never ever waited for the good arctic monkeys tracks to happen on an album, because all of them are incredible in different ways, and mean different things to me, but I still have hope that this album will grow on me, and that in two months time it will be the only thing I listen to, and that weird ass obsession I had will rear its ugly head again, but honestly it doesn't feel like it, I think its happened , i no longer care about arctic monkeys.

Libs gives this album a solid four Alex turner's out of ten
The okay songs on the album, star treatment, four out of five, the ultrachesse, she looks like fun and bat phone.
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Thursday, 5 April 2018

twenty things ive learned in twenty years.


In honor of the impending day of doom, that is fast approaching (the day of my birth), i thought i would write a little something about the things, I've learned in the twenty years that i have somehow managed to stay on this tiny fucked up planet. I'm aware its not a lot, and i still have a whole LOT to learn and at some point, i have to become an actual functionally adult (terrifying i know, these are also some rules i feel that i need to live by.
so enjoy.

1. Listen libs, you are never really going to grow up, and you are fucking insane, but that's a good thing, well sometimes anyway.

2. Your never going to stop having a weird obsession,with The Simpsons its been your favourite programme for 15 years.

3. Amazingly the most unlikely of people, are the most supportive stop backing away from it.

4. stop telling yourself, you don't need help,or anyone because you do libs, adulthood is LONELY

5. It's okay to say no to people if it's making your mental health/physical health worse.

6. Your always going to suffer from mental health problems, but that's okay, it's okay to be sad sometimes, wallow in self pity, for a bit stop beating yourself up over it.

7. For the love of god Libby, stop being so hard, on yourself because other people don't believe in you, believe in yourself girl, you CAN do it, and you WILL!!

8. Stop trying to run away from everything that scares you, which is basically everything, no moving to New York, and changing your identity, no it won't probably solve everything, but still it might try it you never know.

9. Again you are one of the weirdest people in the world, you think your the funniest person ever (because i am obviously.)

10. Just because all of your past relationships, have been a pile of toxic shit doesn't mean their have to be in the future, stop pressuring yourself to move on and find someone because your terrified that one day, your gonna wake up aged 32 and be ALONE (basically you aren't gonna be Bridget Jones, or you might be who knows fuck it you will be fine.)

11. As cringe as this sounds,and i know you've rolled your eyes so far into the back of your head, you do need to care about yourself more like HONESTLY SELF CARE GIRL. You wanna go to Paris for a couple of days by yourself? Then go it's okay to enjoy your own company.

12. You don't have the parents in the world, one of them is worse than the other but they're both as equally as bad, as each other, but hey that's okay you can't make them into people their never will be, you know their try, their best in their own little fucked up way.

13. PLEASE start doing more things for you, even if it's the tiniest thing, you are important despite what you seem to tell yourself every day.


15. Oddly you are one of the most caring, and loyal people ever, you will do anything for anyone at the drop of a hat, and sometimes you need to not be that way, because people don't seem to appreciate you, until they want something.

16. It is okay to cut people out of your life, that don't contribute anything to your life, stop running back and feeling guilty, closure is overrated.

17.You dwell on the past too much, and think about the future, a whole lot more than you should, stop doing that and start actually living in the moment.

18. One day you will finish that book/screenplay/sitcom, and you will get to that place you want to get to, please stop rushing things.

19. I promise you one day, you will get out of the place you call home, and it will be the best thing you ever do and i know your scared, but you will be FINE.

20. Please, please,please remember that you are enough. You area 10/10 person on most days anyway,stop damping your worth because of other people's opinions,about you and how you should live your life, it is your life and their aren't happy with the way of their life, so they take it out on you. THIS ISN'T YOUR FAULT YOU ARE ENOUGH!!!